• Disk Brake Pads VOXOM for Shimano SAINT BRM810, ZeeM640
Shimano: Shimano SAINT BRM810, ZeeM640

Disc Brake Pad with Vortex Cooling Technologie:
Heat Removal 1: Conduction Oversized backing plate to give more mass and lager surface area to conduct heat away from the friction material

Heat Removal 2: Convection Protruding Pyramid fins section allow greater surface area in contact with wind increasing the heat transfer from the backing plate to the atmosphere

Heat Removal-3: Vortex Cooling “V” Fins speed up cooling, generating local vortexes in air flow allowing constant replacement of heated contact air with passing cool air


- Improved Performance: Meaning you can brake harder and longer
- Reduced “Brake Fade”: Pads cool so quick compound doesn’t reach temperatures associated with fade
- Reduced “Pump-Up”: Heat transferred away from the brake piston limits potential for brake fluid to expand or vaporize; improving safety
- Improved Pad Life: Keeping the compound cool significantly improves pad life by as much as 3X
- Reduce Noise: Due to lower pad / disk temperatures

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Disk Brake Pads VOXOM for Shimano SAINT BRM810, ZeeM640

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